1. What sign material should I choose?

If the sign is going to be used part time or temporarily, choose coroplast
For a longer life material, choose pvc, aluminum or polymetal
All of our materials are weather resistant. PVC may warp in extremely hot temperatures or in direct sun. In this case, choose aluminum or polymetal.
Polymetal is 1/8″ thick, made withg a pvc core and thin aluminum laminate on both sides. It is rigid yet lightweight. It can be used in most applications.

2. What should I put as a " due date? "

If you have a specific date you need your order by, choose that date. If you don’t have a due date, give us a ten date lead time. Most orders will arrive well before 10 days, but giving us the extra time allows us to be able to fill rush orders at any time.

3. Why do I need to put the location address & the shipping address?

The location address & shipping address may not be the same. We need the location address in order to charge the correct sales tax and the shipping address in order to ship your order to the correct location.

4. How do I pay for my orders?

Your location will be charged internally for your orders. You will see journal entries from the Sign Shop in the AS400 after the end of each month. Be certain to type the correct location number and region number on your orders.

Sticker 5

These stickers will adhere to the pavement in areas where you need customers to stay clear of Attendants. There are two types of sticker material available. For dry areas, choose ” standard.” For areas that can be wet, choose the ” skid-resistant ” option. THE SKID-RESISTANT MATERIAL IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK AND MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL LATE SUMMER. ORDER THE “STANDARD” IN THE MEANTIME…IT SHOULD BE FINE FOR MOST CONDITIONS.


Order this sticker in the size you need for your location. Typically 12 to 18″.

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